One One Coffee

1) Vision & Mission

1:1 Coffee is about belonging to a movement

We are not competing to convince everyone that we have a superior tasting roast (although we do). Nor are we getting involved with price wars (although our prices will be comparable/competitive to any gourmet line of coffee).

Instead we are building a unique group of followers that are focused on 1:1 as a theology and 1:1 as a science...and they are using 1:1 Coffee to broadcast that membership. This is the motivation that will drive our consumers’ purchasing behavior.

1:1 Coffee broadcasts this message: Look at me. I belong. I believe.

Unless and until this theme is clear and complete, the rest of the project (web site, quality, pricing, taste, etc.) really doesn’t matter because we can not compete in the coffee industry merely on those platforms.

2) History

Through a series of strange yet fortunate coincidences and after a LOT of work we seem to be on an exact direction, path, and goal.

Golf → Pizza Hut → 1:1 Brand → Coffee Roaster → Alpha Omega → 1:1 Foundation

3) Marketing Strategy

  • AOI and 1:1 will work to support each others' brand by including our logo and info in their literature, site links, social media, etc. and visa versa.

  • 1:1 will use AOIs (seemingly endless) blog posts on the 1:1 site and then following up with targeted email blasts. 1:1 would like permission to copy and paste AOI’s excellent articles. Using their blog info saves 1:1 time. Plus, how much can anyone really write about coffee? That is very boring....and it's been done a nauseating amount on countless coffee sites.

This is, in fact, our huge edge: utilizing relevant blog posts about CREATION science greatly improves search engine optimization into our niche and segregates 1:1 from all the other gourmet coffee sites.

  • AOI uses their email newsletters to blast 1:1 info and feature us as a partner/sponsor.

  • 1:1 will use our house list of 250+ email addresses for eastern Tennessee

  • 1:1 can focus on gathering more email addresses for specific (AOI) targeted regions.

  • AOI's printed literature can/will be included in all shipping boxes.

  • We can certainly include other targeted literature in our shipment boxes for other Creation organizations. This marketing system would be attractive (as our boxes are going to VERY targeted recipients) and would allow them to reach their would-be followers for events, seminars, etc. This could also be fee based (paid directly to 1:1 under agreements between 1:1 and outside marketing needs).

  • Portions of the 1:1 profits will go to AOI's ministry. The more 1:1 grows, the more AOI grows. This saves us a TON of time and resources when awarding funds to causes. It is far more effective if we do, indeed, want to help churches to attract and retain members.

  • Once the site is operational 1:1 will LIKELY use American Eagle to focus the SEO, CTR, Social Media effectiveness, etc. We are moving into deep water here and we are not proficient enough to be successful with this critical part. American Eagle is an amazing marketing company that will launch us into the social media stratosphere.

4) The One One Foundation

We are currently in the process of setting up this philanthropic effort.

An AOI partnership makes more sense when compared to other philanthropic efforts.

Thus portions of the 1:1 profits will go to AOI's ministry. The more 1:1 grows, the more AOI grows.

The 1:1 ecom site will allow for rounding up” during check out

The 1:1 ecom site will also allow for direct donations to AOI


  • 1:1 is seeking to partner with AOI to focus on the very core of the most powerful of Biblical truths.

  • 1:1 is heavily subsidised and supported for its first 12 months.

  • 1:1 already has funds set aside for philanthropic work.

  • 1:1 is well versed in on line marketing, sales, fulfillment, inventory control, and shipping.

  • Anyone in the market to buy gourmet coffee will spend in the area of $16 for a 12 oz bag of beans.

  • There will be a subscription option so coffee is ordered automagically for repeat clients.

  • 1:1 hosted a taste party the other day with several coffee snobs. We tried five roasts. All participants were blown away.

  • There is no reason the 1:1 site can’t also market AOI literature and books.

  • We named our roasts after things God created:


This venture presents a very unique and powerful marketing program that will benefit both AOI and 1:1Coffee. It allows Genesis 1:1 followers the opportunity to be both subtle and obvious about their beliefs. It opens up new avenues for broadcasting this same belief. Plus, it’s really, really good coffee.

"In a busy marketplace, not standing out is the same as being invisible."

-Seth Godin, Purple Cow