The sculptor fish from the deep

One of the wonders of the Pacific Ocean is the Japanese puffer fish.

During mating season this fish creates an underwater sculpture which would astound any artist and make a beautiful wall decoration in any home. Using only its fins, the tiny fish produces a perfectly circular, six-foot sculpture on the ocean bottom with uniquely placed ridges and channels. The fish cannot even see from one side of the sculpture to the other, yet it is a perfect circle and the channels it creates between the sand ridges are produced with mathematically perfection.


The fish literally has a map of the finished sculpture in its brain and works non-stop, 24 hours a day, for over a week to complete the plan. Where did this plan come from? How did it learn to move sand, shells and rocks around to create such beauty? Could such plans and ability have slowly “evolved” over time a small step at a time? Not a chance! God created such wonders to show us his creativity in the animals he has made.

 Puffer Fish Sculptor

In a similar way, the geologic layers of the earth, in no way, prove an enormous age for the earth. The sedimentary layers are very much like this stack of plates. They simply reveal which plates (layers) were laid down first during the worldwide, year-long flood of Noah and which plates (layers) were laid down during the final stages. The geological column is the record of what was laid down before, during and the year-long Flood of Noah’s time, not how old the layers are.

Has not my hand made all these things, and so they came into being?" declares the LORD. Isaiah 66:2

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