How we named our One One Coffee roasts

The Our One One Coffee roasts were chosen to honor some of the bigger things the Lord created.

It's no mystery that we support Creation Science and that we believe God created everything. He created everything because He is infinite and infinity is something finite humans simply can not fathom. So the truth remains, if He can create an ant, and He can, and He DID, how much of a stretch is it for Him to create the moon? Or the Galaxies? Or Gravity? Or the sun?

It's not a stretch at all.

So, as we defined our business model around AMAZING coffee (try won't be disappointed), we were challenged with what to name our distinctive roasts.

All of them were chosen to focus attention on a few of the big picture creations. Indeed, some were chosen to shift focus back to the fact that the Lord invented and branded these creations (such as Solstice and Equinox) and they belong to Him and not druids or pagans standing in awe of solar wonders....wonders that evolution can not and did not create.

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