Blowing up the moon

In the early 1990s a scientist advocated blowing up the moon.

It's true....according to Don DeYoung and John Whitcomb, in his book "Our Created Moon," this idea originated with American math professor Alexander Abian. Click here to read more about this wonderful idea.

It's hard to even continue writing this post as this idea is so bazar. But it kind of hints at the sorts of ideas hatch in the minds of those in charge of teaching (in this case, at Iowa State University) Anyway, Abian believed that the destruction of the moon would eliminate severe climates and ultimately end world hunger.

Of course, that is ridiculous. And, indeed, the situation is quite the opposite.

DeYoung and Whitcomb say that without the moon, the earth’s axis would swing erratically due to the gravitational pull from other planets. This could eventually lead to oceans freezing and ultimately, the end of all life.

Even if the oceans didn’t freeze, tides would be greatly reduced causing the oceans to stagnate from lack of oxygen. Remember that 70% of the earth is covered by water which is actually filled with plant life – way more oxygen producing plant life than there is on land. Without this source of oxygen, the atmosphere would deteriorate and life would end.

Few realize what life on earth would be like without the moon. So, when you gaze at the moon, think about God’s power and care in His creation

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