How submarines work

Have you considered the chambered nautilus? This South Pacific Ocean creature has a unique shell that is divided into separate gas-filled chambers. The nautilus can sink to the ocean bottom or rise to the surface by changing the gas pressure within the sealed chambers; for example, the nautilus will flood some of the chambers with water to descend. This is exactly how submarines work. Submarines have tanks that can be filled with water or air. When the tanks are filled with air, the submarine rises, if the tanks are filled with water, it sinks.

Evolutionists believe that the nautilus evolved from mollusks that grew extra sections of their shell as flotation devices. Fossil nautiluses, however, look just like today’s nautiluses, showing no intermediate evolutionary change. No one would believe that a submarine happened by accident and chance, so why would anyone believe that “nature’s submarine,” the nautilus, happened by accident and chance? The nautilus simply gives glory to God’s ingenuity.

 Thou rulest the raging of the sea…. - Psalm 89:9



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