Gluing the presidents' faces

Every day, cliffs are weathering away.

Water seeps into tiny crevices and separates the rock by freezing (expanding) and then thawing (contracting). Tree roots make gaps in the rocks, and rainwater can cause chemical changes to weaken rock. Every year at Mt. Rushmore, workers rappel down the cliff face to inject glue into newly formed cracks on the presidents’ faces.

Normal cliffs erode rapidly. Weakened cliffs result in rocks tumbling to the canyon floor. These rocks on the canyon floor are called talus. If you believe in evolution and the earth having been here for billions of years, these talus piles should be enormous - reaching to the top of the cliff. Yet, what we see in places like Monument Valley or the Grand Canyon talus piles are small. To an evolutionist, this is a mystery. Where is all the missing talus that must have formed over millions of years? Why are the world’s talus piles/slopes so skimpy?

If we view these talus slopes from a biblical viewpoint, however, it confirms the Bible. The piles of talus are so skimpy because they are only thousands of years old, having begun at the end of the Flood of Noah’s time (about 4400 years ago). The mystery of the missing talus is not a mystery at all when viewed from a Biblical perspective.

As water wears away stones, And as torrents wash away the soil of the earth;…. - Job 14:19

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