Evolution invented over forty separate versions of vision

Yes...evolution says that a complex eye like yours - with a lens and retina - originated at least five separate times, as it is found separately in vertebrates, cephalopods (octopus/squid), annelid worms, jellyfish, and a spider. Such origins have not remotely been demonstrated experimentally, and though these designs are complex, their similarity cannot be explained:

  • by common descent, or
  • by atavism (i.e. the masking, and later un-masking of genetic traits), or
  • by sideways transposition of traits from one lineage to another (such as by lateral gene transfer, or endosymbiosis).
In short, these are strong anti-evolutionary evidences. Given the incredible flexibility of evolutionary storytelling, ‘convergences’ are as anti-evolutionary as they can be.

Ironically, the more profound the antievolutionary evidence, the more the evolutionist sees it as evidence for the incredible power of some evolutionary mechanism! All evolutionists interpret convergence as evidence for the incredible power of natural selection.”

Research courtesy DiscoverCreation.org

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