Why Read Our Blog?

Before you jump into our blog, you have to understand this much: One One Coffee is likely the best coffee you will ever taste.  And we have awards to back that up!

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Coffee is our passion but our blog does not really focus on the usual coffee bean chatter.  Coffee sourcing, roasting, fair trade, grinding, and brewing information is available here but you can find that anywhere and we address it in our blog but we are pretty sure your coffee needs will be more than satisfied once you try our brews.  

So our One One Coffee blog focuses on Creation information....information you won't find on other coffee sites.

Here is why: We believe Genesis 1:1 is true. Our blog presents plenty of creation truth and our profits help support creation science ministry. 

Coffee Beans

We want to be perfectly clear about this!  Of course you might just drink One One Coffee because you LOVE the coffee.  It is very, VERY good coffee!  But please understand that when you buy One One Coffee, you are supporting an important Biblical mission.

So: go brew a cup of One One Coffee and read these posts! Most of our blog content contains scientific facts and findings that cast serious doubts on evolution while offering truth and ideas about Biblical creation.  And, yes, please use this blog to research coffee information!

Thank you for buying, brewing, and enjoying One One Coffee.
Our coffee has a mission and that mission is why we roast these beans!

One One Coffee