It's your turn to do the dishes

You drive into a deserted town and happen to stop at a closed restaurant. You go around to the back of the building and peer in the window, and there on the kitchen counter is a stack of food encrusted plates. By looking at the plates, you really cannot know how long they have been there nor can you know how much time passed between the placing of the first plate at the bottom of the stack and the plate located at the top of the stack. It could have been mere seconds from the placing of the first plate until the placing of the last plate. Or perhaps the stack was made on a weekend or the dishwasher had a day off and days passed between the placement of the plate at the bottom of the stack and the placement of the final plate at the top of the stack. The stack itself reveals nothing about the time frame – only that the bottom plate was deposited first and the top plate was deposited last.

In a similar way, the geologic layers of the earth, in no way, prove an enormous age for the earth. The sedimentary layers are very much like this stack of plates. They simply reveal which plates (layers) were laid down first during the worldwide, year-long flood of Noah and which plates (layers) were laid down during the final stages. The geological column is the record of what was laid down before, during and the year-long Flood of Noah’s time, not how old the layers are.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction. - Proverbs 1:7

This blog post is quoted with permission from the book "Have You Considered?"  by Julie Von Vett and Bruce Malone. The book is an excellent creation science resource and is packed with compelling evidence that challenges and refutes evolution theories. The evidence is presented in a "devotional" format with a daily creation truth and scripture. The book is a great read...perfectly paired with ANY of our One One Coffee selections! Both the book and the brew make great gifts too!

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